IT studio based in Riga, Latvia.
We deliver projects that bring value, always on time.

Team of professionals with broad experience in leading projects of different scale - from small mobile apps to huge enterprise systems for Europe largest companies.

We will ensure that business need is correctly translated into technical tasks and help manage the project to reduce risks and make sure you receive a solution that solves the problem.

Our expertise allows us to help with project on any stage, starting from inception and all the way to the lauching day. Our clients continue to work with us because it feels good to have someone reduce the complexity of IT Services.

Business and IT are speaking different languages. Make sure your employees understand the goals you are trying to achieve and that correct tools are selected for the task.

Our strength lies in very strong IT management skills. We ask a lot of questions about your business so that you can focus on company needs instead of technical solutions. We propose changes and improvements to your processes and infrastructure so that your business can grow.

We are professionals. Starting from the idea - we will deliver the solution and help to integrate it into your existing infrastructure.

What we do

We can join your project team as consultants, provice full developement services or even validate and audit existing projects. Our strong side is in providing enterprise-level IT services for companies that don't have big IT department or experience in project delivery.


Wide technology stack both for backend and frontend - Node.js, Lua, PHP, Java, Python, Sql, noSql, React, Javascript


Ensure GDPR-compliancy and feel safe about your data. Our specialists have experience in banking and finance systems with high level or protection


We will make sure delivery is on schedule and all the risks of unsuccessful project are mitigated


iOS and Android - we specialize in development of responsive, hybrid mobile apps


Code base, infrastructure and system architecture - receive a guide on how to improve your project or product quality

Business Analysis

Our certified specialists will make sure that your business need is translated to a solution that solves it

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