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Digest? What's that?

First of all, a digest is a quick way to get quality content.

Digest contains short annotations that gives reader an idea of what each link is about.

One of the biggest pros of a digest is its periodical nature. Stop being distracted and put links into "read it later" list - it's much more effective to get a block of links about a single subject.

How do subscriptions work?

Instead of checking for new issues you can subscribe to a digest and get an email every time author publishes new content.

Besides that you can subscribe to Cubecamp's weekly newsletter to get best issues. For sure you will find something amazing in every letter.

Why do I want a digest?

Personalized curated recommendations are quickly becoming the most popular marketing tool. Blogs, news providers and companies use subscription services to get loyal contacts and increase brand presence. Cubecamp allows everyone to create a subscriber base and keep in touch with audience.

What is needed to become an author?

It super simple to create a digest. You'll get all the tool needed for publishing, subscription management and getting feedback from community. We are sure that anyone can become a great author and gain access to great subscriber base.

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